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TerminusPoint News - August 2000

8/31 Lag Update:
The lag appears to have been reduced in frequency during the prime playing hours. Currently we are seeing the lag being more bothersome during normal business hours. I have not had confirmation that any of the upgrades have happened yet, do maybe we're just like at this time.

8/31 Save Game Format?:
Anyone doing any work on figuring out the Save Game format? If you have we'd like to here from you since there are some parameters we'd like to change.

8/31 Additional States/Prov.:
Lets welcome MI, and BC as new locations people are playing from. Hope you enjoyed your visit and you keep coming back.

8/29 Lag Update:
Several changes will be taking place that should kill this lag bug. A couple of the changes go in during the next week and may be enough to reduce the lag. Another change is an additional data line being connected during the next month that will provide additional access to the backbone. Due to the dual-homing taking place during the next month we may need to add a new IP address. sol1.TerminusPoint.com will point to the best IP to use for connecting at all times.

8/28 Recent Lag Note:
We are with the ISP to resolve the recent Lag issues that just hit us recently. The lag is occuring a couple hops after it leaves his facility in his providers network before it reaches a backbone. As Monday 8/28 this lag is affecting all users including myself. We'll keep you posted on the results.

8/25 TerminusPoint Moved:
We have collocated to the ISP site and have a new address. The Primary web server is at www.TerminusPoint.com. You can find our current Game Server is at Sol1.TerminusPoint.com ( This Server is still playing the original game we ran during test.

With the move we have switched our Internet connection to a new ISP. If you had good connectivity before and feel it has degraded please let us know so we can look into it. If you had poor connectivity before and feel it has improved, We'd like to here from you.

8/25 Where people are playing from:
We have regular players from MN, IL, NY, MA, FL, KS, TX, NM, CO, WA, along with Quebec and Ontario. Are you a regular player and I don't have your State? Let us know :-)

8/19 TerminusPoint Moving: We will be moving to a new IP address Friday Aug 25th in the PM/Evening as we collocate to the ISP site. Current feedback indicates that many users in the US/Canada are getting good Ping & Response times. Watch StationTerminus.com for details and the new IP address or try www.TerminusPoint.com to learn the new address once we move.

This site is under HEAVY construction. Please move carefully and watch out for the Construction Tugs.

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