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TerminusPoint News - September 2000

9/26 Lag Update:
The good news is that the router is currently being installed. The bad news is that it may well take a week for them to configure it and that the additional line to the backbone has been delayed do to techinal difficulties. Currently the lag is on again & off again. Somedays it works well, sometimes you have a 3 second pause :(

9/22 PVG's for Sale?:
In order to help raise funds for the ISP charges, we are considering selling a build of 6 month TerminusPoint support plus a PVG (in the Sol1 TerminusPoint game), possibly for $50. This would affect play balance and be harder on the people who don't have as much ready cash. What so people think?

9/22 Story Mode:
We're looking at starting one or more Story Mode games (on different ports). Check the Games page for information on the games. Any games we are running not in the list are to be considered experimental and play at your own risk.

9/19 Support Status:
With the Lag problems, support for the site hasn't been very good, but it's under half of the ISP costs. If you've been enjoying the site and can afford a small donation, please do so. Since we've had requests for non-PayPal donations a mailing address has been posted on the Donations page. ISP collocation and bandwidth are the only costs we need to worry about covering in order to keep this site up.

9/19 Site Look:
We're still playing with the graphics and colors on the web site. What you see is not how it will stay, we'll be switching to a scheme better connected to Terminus.

9/19 Callisto & Spy Probes:
Last night we cleared ALL of the spy probes out of Callisto (there were over 200 of them). Removing the probes dropped the Complexity stat from 112% to 52%. This should some reduce the crashes that have occurred when people flew in there. The lower the pilots bandwidth the higher the chance they would crash the game. Should you notice the number of probes getting real high again please email us and we'll clear them out.

9/15 Lag Update:
Currently the lag still seems worse then usual. The router hasn't been upgraded yet, but should be shortly.

9/14 Teams/Clans:
Would people be interested in being able to register a Team/Company/Clan? Team would be started by a Team Leader (and colors designated?). The registration would allow Pilots to get registered with a Team and have access to a Team only Forum. Optionally the Pilots could register their Shipnames. Another possible feature includes 'news' blurbs on a general Team page (posted by Team Leaders only).

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

9/8 Web Site Changes:
Changes are continuing to go into the web site. Currently we're change some of the basic look and making sure the content isn't out of date. Stay in touch and comment on the changes.

9/8 Lag Update:
Currently the lag seems worse then usual. Keep trying and checking, it isn't always bad. The router hasn't been upgraded yet.

9/7 Upgraded to Version 1.8:
We have upgraded to Terminus Version 1.8, so now we should have the full 256 saves we configured for. All 64 save slots were already used up in the game prior to upgrading. Hopefully this will fix some of our lost Player and stuck NPC problems.

9/6 Kitty's Pride:
Kitty has been busy recruiting players. Go to it! The players we have the better the game gets for everyone.

9/6 Lag Update:
Most of the time the lag is better, but sometimes it still is a problem and we hit large spikes. The router hasn't been upgraded yet.

9/6 Lost Players & Passwords:
Even though we are running Terminus V1.7 it appears that we sometimes are still loosing Players or their Passwords. We are working with VVisions tech support to get this resolved.

9/5 New Users:
Welcome to the people in MT and NV who have been playing. We've also had a brave sole recently from Austria who report the lag bothersome but stuck around for several hours because none of the other games had players.

9/1 Game Restart:
Due to increasing numbers of lost players, the games has been restarted with 256 Max Saves and 10 minut autosave.

9/1 Brief Network Outage 9/2:
There will be a brief network outage on Saturday 9/2 at 6:30am for maintenance work by our ISP. This is not for the Lag, we have yet to hear if those have been done yet.

This site is under HEAVY construction. Please move carefully and watch out for the Construction Tugs.

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