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TerminusPoint News - October 2000

10/30 Support Status:
Support for October has climbed to 65% due to several larger donations. Most people are not donating, with the Lag problems, I can understand why. But if everyone could transfer a smaller amount, that would make up the deficit I personnally am covering.

10/28 Race Results:
The first Race has been held as the Belt Bash (just renamed). Congratulations to MT Bee Smasher for winning the race against 3 other contestents. Racers should keep in mind the importance of surving the races (hence the name change), we had some interested collisions (including one head on into a Gate, ouch). Information on future races will be posted as they are planned.

10/24 Races:
Poi Dog is setting up races to be run Saturday 10/28 (time TBD). No entry fee, supply your own ship. A prize of at least 1M credits will be awarded by TerminusPoint to the winner. Scheduled start time is 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12noon MTN, 11am PST. Registration start 1/2 hour before. Rules are posted on the StationTerminus Forums under General, no weapons or PVG's allowed.

10/23 New Users:
Welcome to the New Users that have been joining use. If your a New Merc/Pirate you may contact Learner (often flying Smurf's Revenge) for some extra seed money to help start your career.

10/22 Teams:
Support for User Registration and Teams is under development at this time. Look at Teams/Clans for more details on the concept and provide feedback.

10/14 Teams?
Look at our thoughts on the Teams/Clans and provide feedback. We're looking for ways to improve the gaming experiance.

10/13 Support Update:
Support is up for this month, but we are only at the 50% level. If you enjoy the site, can afford a few dollars, and plan on coming please help us meet our costs. We aren't trying to make any money or pay any salaries, just the bandwidth/collocation costs (current $150/mth).

10/13 Feedback:
Send us feedback about the site & game server. What do you like? What don't you like? Suggestions? Where are you playing from? Should we keep the Story Mode game running on port 12289?

10/8 Story Mode:
We've been testing a Story Mode game (on a different port) off and on. So far only two people have ever connected to it. Is this something that people are interested in or can't you connect to it?

10/3 Short Downtime:
There will be a short downtime for the Sol1.TerminusPoint.com game on Friday 10/6 near midnight Central time. We are making changes power & UPS related & the ISP will be taking the system down and restarting it. The shutdown will be occuring without warning and should be about 5-10 minutes long. The restart will bring the game back based on the last save.

This site is under HEAVY construction. Please move carefully and watch out for the Construction Tugs.

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