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TerminusPoint News - November 2000

11/29 Open testing of User & Pilot Code:
Early testing and User/Pilot registration available at: Testing. User & Pilot editting is NOT in place, so please enter your information carefulle for now. This also includes a system for submitting & viewing FAQ's.

11/27 Excessive Newbie Kills/Hijacking:
There are pilots on Sol1.TerminusPoint.com who are not taking it easy on Newbies and are PK'ing or Hijacking them. Since we do not want this game to deteriorate or become a police state we encourage pilots to joing defensive Teams. These Teams should have the goals of self protection as well as mutual policing of the game policies. If the offenders are not careful, they may cause what they don't want, a government.

11/22 Looking for a several Modem Users:
We are looking for a couple of modem users willing to experiment with a 3rd part S/W package. The users should be technically minded and running Windows or Linux. We will be running tests of a TCP/IP compression program Zebedee and testing parameters in detail. I am currently in the process of testing it over a DSL line (all I'll notice is if it gets really worse). Please contact me if your interested in doing testing.

11/17 User & Pilot DB:
The User & Pilot DB for the Teams has been progressing well and we've started Alpha testing. Once we feel it is stable enough for Beta testing we will open it up open it up to everyone. After User Login is opened up to Users to use you'll see more features appearing at a faster pace.

11/17 Spreading Terminus:
A thread was started at StationTerminus about how we could spread Terminus around more to increase user base as well as improve the user community. Recent discussions have digressed into how we can help people get Terminus in Europe (and possibly Canada). Take a look and lets see what we as Users and Server can do to improve the Terminus Community.

11/14 Lags for some Users:
In that past we had identified the certain specific Users had worse then usual lag (often unplayable) due to the route they were taking to get to TerminusPoint. Sometime in December (or possibly early January) TerminusPoint will be changing it's IP address. This will better situate us on a Dual Homed connection to the Internet to two different Backbones. Once this happens, people experiencing lags from routing may see improvement due to new routes being used. We'll keep you posted as to when the IP change will be taking place. The name sol1.TerminusPoint.com will always point to the best IP address for the Primary Game that the Servers will be running.

11/14 Live Fire Race:
We are in the process of arranging a live fire race in December. We're taking suggestions as to when the best time to hold it would be considering the holiday season. The prize will be a PVG and cash along with prizes for follow-up positions and anyone that survives. The race will be a fairly long route and non-racers are encouraged to participate with ammunition donations delivered in flight :D More information on this as the details are ironed out.

11/12 Save Lags:
Now that the router lag has been removed, with the increased number of saved players we are experiancing excess lag during the Autosave. We have 256 save slots in use on Sol1 currently which causes the lag as the 2.5M file is created. To fix/reduce this problem we will be reducing the number of saves available a little bit at a time. This will mean that some Pilots not used in a while will be lost. We are continuing to look at fine tuning the server.

11/3 Lag Update
The problem router has been replaced! We are in the process of checking to see how much of an affect that has had on the Lag Spikes. Preliminary testing is showing that the local spikes are gone or greatly reduced. We are doing detailed testing and monitoring on this. No scheduled date for the T3 install yet (that will place a T3 one hop away from the Server and reduce ping times more).

11/3 Load Testing:
Now that the router has been replaced we'd like to do some load testing on the Game Server and the new router. Lets try to get 10+ people playing on Saturday Nov 4th starting at 4pm Centrat (5pm Eastern, 2Pm Pacific) for doing the load testing.

11/2 PayPal Change:
The E-Mail address being used has been changed to a TerminusPoint E-Mail address. If anyone has problems with PayPal you may contact me with the problem & what page you followed the link from to have the problem corrected.

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