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TerminusPoint News - December 2000

12/20 Delaying RESTARTING Sol1:
We're delaying restarting the Sol1 game since we can continue the old game even under the new IP. The major reason for the delay is to close the PVG purchase (ref ST under Strategy). Plenty of warning will be given prior to any restart. Place place all Positive, Negative, and Neutral comments in the Station Terminus General Forum.

12/20 Deathmatch:
We're are running Deathmstch currently at a second IP address ( The difficulty was cranked up to 100% In the future, that IP will be running either Deathmatch, Story, or special events.

12/14 New IP Address Update:
We're are testing having the new IP address ( connect to the old Sol1 game. Currently the ISP's have not finished their changes, so the new routing has not take effect. Once that is finished, additional timing tests will be done to verify the full effect of the routing change.

12/14 Story Mode Game:
We are testing Story mode on at the default port. This IP we are reserving for special games like Story or DeathMatch. What would you like to see? When? Would you like to see DeathMatch running?

12/11 New IP Address changes have started:
We're are in the process of setting up and testing the new IP addresses that may resolve some people lag problems. With the changes & testing taking place you may experiance unusual network issues or lag. Possibly this change has been the cause of unexpect lag today. The new IP WILL BE for the default game and for Story & Special Games. Then Games page will be updated when the final switch takes place and another announcement will be made.

12/11 Testing Server Scripting:
We are testing a new Server Side Scripting tool. This tool will replace the current script that handles that autostart on crash. With this tool we gain the ability to add automated commands (on demand, timed, and random) as well as typo reduction when the consol is being used. This includes broadcasting messages (Welcome, MOTD, ...) and simulating 'disasters' affecting supply & consumption of goods at a Station. We will NOT be using it to balance the Economy. If you have suggestions that you think may help then playing experiance for all Pilots, contact me.

12/8 Considering RESTARTING Sol1 for the New Years:
We're considering restarting the Sol1 game when we switch IP addresses. Place place all Positive, Negative, and Neutral comments in the Station Terminus General Forum.

12/6 New IP Address Status:
We've been notified by our ISP to expect getting our new IP in the near future. We will be running dual IP's for a short time before switching to the new IP exclusively. The IP change should improve the Internet routing that some people take to get to the site.

12/1 Cross Sol Killout Race:
On December 16th at 3pm CST 4pm EST, 1pm PST we will be holding the first Cross Sol Killout Race. This will be a Live Fire race from outside Venus Teraform, to Umbriel Commercial docking and back to dock at Venus Teraform. Grand Prize will be a PVG and at least 2M credits (more if more then 5 participants). Survivors will also receive credits based on the number of entrants and survivors (estimated at 1M). No PVG's permitted at any time or firing of weapons within 300k of either station. The same Hull must start and finish the race. No entrance fee, hull restrictions, or ship value. If you wish to dock for repairs or equipment change you may, but it will cost you time. This is a Live Fire exercise meaning that anyone may attack as long as the 300k limit is followed. Judges and non-participants are permitted to attack within the guidelines.

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