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Funding ...

Funding for this site and all bandwidth we hog is provided by our users/players. The recommended donation currently is $6/month for a basic user and $10/month if you really like the Server(s). We currently accept PayPal, check, and Money Orders as the donation methods. The Donate buttons are setup so you may donate any amount you wish via PayPal Donation. Otherwise you can send money to:

Donations will be tracked, but at this time we are not requiring donations from all players, just encourage to have all players make even small donations. We reserve the right to restrict some or all game access based on donations or subscriptions at any time in the future without warning. Basically, if it costs too much to keep the site running compared to the donations, we may have to change the Service. We're not trying to make money, just cover the direct operational costs.

The more people using the site and making donations the better we can make it. Please, take the time to make a donation. Any shortfall below our ISP costs come directly out of Learner's pocket and slows down the growth of TerminusPoint.

We also are looking for Additional Sources of funding. This is to reduce direct out of pocket costs and permit better hardware support. Send any suggestions you may have to Learner. We avoid banner ads on our pages, but will consider advertising on specific pages such as links or sponsors pages.

Should we ever get excess, those funds will carry over to cover future shortages, reduce monthly requests, or fund additional growth. How it would be used is at TerminusPoint's discression, but it shall be used to benefit TerminusPoint and its Community.

Additional Funding ...

TerminusPoint also has a group at DNetc. Should we be the ones to crack the key, thats $1000 for TerminusPoint and $1000 to the person tht cracked it. As of 7/1/01 the team has about a 1 in 14,000 chance of being the ones to crack it (pretty good odds). All it takes is running their client and registering your name to the TerminusPoint Team by clicking on "I Want to Join the Team" on Dnetc (bottom of the TerminusPoint team page).

We also have links to TuxGames and EBGames that earn us 5% of any purchases you make.

This site is under HEAVY construction. Please move carefully and watch out for the Construction Tugs.

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